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A simple guide for measuring your bespoke 10mm glass panels. Once your order is placed, before we manufacture the panels we will email you over a Cad Drawing with sizes and dimensions for customer confirmation. All glass is BSEN 12150, BSEN 12600 Certified!

Step-1 Choose your timber stair parts. Newel Posts, Caps and decide on either slotted or bracket Handrails/Baserails.

Step-2 Measure the Handrail length fig-1 between posts. In our example it is 3200mm long.

Step-3 Measure fig-1 from the top of the string (Bottom of the Baserail) to the very top of the Handrail. In Our example it is 900mm in height.

Step-4 Measure the angle of the glass using Digital Angle Protractor from the vertical newel post to pitch line of the stairs in degrees as in fig-2

Step-5 Decide how many panels you would like in each Handrail Section. In fig-1 the length of the handrail is 3200mm. We have decided on 3 glass panels.

Step-6 Allow 20mm between each glass panel. So 3 glass panels require 4 spaces. So 4 spaces x 20mm = 80mm. 3200mm – 80mm (spaces) = 3120mm.

Step-7 3120mm / 3 (Panels) = 1040mm. So each panel is 1040mm Long.

Step-8 Either order online or email over all your sizes and we will be happy to quote.

Step-9 Please allow 2 weeks for delivery of the glass as it is made to order.