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Stair Spindle Spacing – The Calculation...

Please choose your style and size of spindle before calculating. 32mm, 35mm, 41mm or 55mm.

There are two basic calculations used depending on whether you are fitting spindles to the rake (Steps section of the stairs) or the landing. (Straight section).

Stair Spindle Spacing – The Rake...

Number of spindles required = ((number of steps) * 2) - 2

To calculate the number of stair spindles required, count the number of treads (steps) on the rake section, (Don’t include the landing area) multiply by two, and then subtract two (as you will only require one spindle on the top and bottom steps to make room for the newel posts).

For example, a balustrade I am looking to renovate has 13 steps:

(13 * 2 = 26) - 2 = 24 spindles

Using the above calculation, I will require 24 spindles for the rake section.

Stair Spindle Spacing – The Landing...

If you also have a landing section, you will need to Measure its length..

Use the following calculation...

Number of spindles required = ((landing length mm) - 80 / 80 + (spindle width))

For example, a landing section I am looking to renovate is 2200mm in length using a 41mm spindle:

2200mm - 80 = 2120

80 + 41mm = 121

2120 / 121 = 18 spindles rounded up for the landing section.

Using the above simple calculations will result in the perfect stair spindle spacing.

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